Internal Controls

You’ve probably heard a lot about internal controls over the past decade, with the focus typically being on requirements for larger publicly traded companies.  We have significant experience and understanding of controls and is one of the core strengths of our practice.

Small businesses, thankfully, generally do not have the formal requirements of many large businesses.  However, good controls are critical for even the small business – particularly for those with two or more employees.

We can evaluate and identify for you the major risks that you have in your processes.  We can also identify the potential impact of current control gaps and the costs of various options to mitigate or reduce these risks.

A review and improvement of your controls can:

  • Reduce fraud, embezzlement and theft risks
  • Reduce the chance of errors that lead to financial loss
  • Ensure cash and other high value assets are protected
  • Reduce the potential for losses in your business in unnecessary ways
  • Eliminate waste in your processes for low quality control activities

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